Selling Diabetic Test Strips for Cash


Because diabetes is a lifetime disease condition and will need constant monitoring, most diagnosed-diabetic patients are equipped with a kit for testing their blood sugar level. The supply of these varieties of test strip brands is many, but not all can really afford these pricey items. The supply is either purchased or being supplied to the indigents by non-governmental agencies or by the government. In the course of accumulating these test strips, especially for those who can afford, most of time, they have a problem in dealing with a growing collection of these boxes of test strips. Sometimes, those, who passed away and used to be diabetic, will more likely have boxes of test strips left behind. While this is happening, there are also those who, because of low income capacity or that they do not have insurance, desperately need these kinds of supplies. So, if you’re on the side where you can afford to own boxes of test strips, it is either you donate some of your unused boxes to charity or you sell these test strips for cash at a much lower price.

Before planning to sell your test strips, a question comes in mind: is it legal to sell them? If you’re the legal owner, the answer is yes. Anyone can actually buy test strips without a prescription, for as long as you bought the strips yourself, therefore, you are also free to sell them. Sometimes, the boxes are marked }mail order only” or “not for sale”, it is still legal for you to sell them, for as long as you own them; however these marked boxes cannot be sold through a retailer. Check out for more details about diabetic test strips.

There are, however, conditions that you have to know, like if the boxes have been provided by a health insurance, they cannot be resold; if the boxes are already expired or damaged or have broken seals, they cannot be resold, too. Only when the conditions of the boxes are such that the seals are in place, in good condition, not yet expired (a minimum of 6 months to their expiration date), then you can sell your test strips for cash.

Know your dealers before selling your boxes of test strips to them. They have become dealers for many reasons, the obvious one is to make money, but there are those who are also diabetic, themselves, so they either sell diabetic test strips for cash or donate them to charity. It’s a good idea to get to know well your dealer, so business can be repeated and you trust the dealer to be making business and, in return, you are considered a valued customer, so payment is done immediately and in cash.


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